Sound charts for Ling 103

This webpage is for LING103 students who are going to take production/transcription exams from me. Please note that my pronunciations carry no particular authority. The charts here are also slightly different from the official IPA ones as I added some sounds that my students will be tested on.

**I recorded these sounds many years ago and I realized that some don't sound great to me now. I'll try to record again sometime soon!


Voiceless bilabial click
Voiced bilabial click
Voiced bilabial nasal click
Voiceless dental click
Voiced dental click
Voiced dental nasal click
Voiceless (post)alveolar click
Voiced (post)alveolar click
Voiced (post)alveolar nasal click
Voiceless palatoalveolar click
Voiced palatoalveolar click
Voiced palatoalveolar nasal click
Voiceless alveolar lateral click
Voiced alveolar lateral click
Voiced alveolar lateral nasal click
Voiced bilabial implosive
Voiced dental/alveolar implosive
Voiced palatal implosive
Voiced velar implosive
Voiced uvular implosive
' Examples:
Voiceless bilabial ejective
Voiceless labiodental ejective fricative
Voiceless velar ejective fricative
Voiceless dental/alveolar ejective
Voiceless dental ejective fricative
Voiceless lateral ejective fricative
Voiceless palatal ejective
Voiceless alveolar ejective fricative
voiceless alveolar ejective affricate
Voiceless velar ejective
Voiceless postalveolar ejective fricative
voiceless postalveolar ejective affricate
Voiceless uvular ejective
Voiceless palatal ejective fricative
voiceless alveolar lateral ejective affricate





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